I Love Entrepreneurship

Are you in the process of trying to start an online business so that you can have freedom in your life? Freedom to work when, where and how you want? 

Are you struggling to find an idea that will allow you to build a meaningful business that will give you the financial freedom so you can break free of your 9-5?

Not quite sure where or how to start?

And are you worried that in a few years you will wake up only to find that you haven’t done anything and you are no further ahead than you were a few years ago?

Yeah, that was me back in 2008. 

I’ve tried everything from podcasting to e-commerce to online courses to… well you get the picture.

Youtube Changed Everything

Then in 2015 I decided to start a Youtube channel. And just like everything else that I had done (up to that point), I gave it a few months, realized nobody was watching my channel, and then stopped posting.

But then something magical happened.

My videos started to resonate with people and when I logged back in about 6 months later “just to check on the channel” (I could barely remember how to log in, it had been so long), I noticed that I had some subscribers.

And not just a few subscribers, I had around 8,000 subscribers. 

To this day, I’m not sure how or why that happened, but that was enough for me to start putting some effort into creating more content and post more videos. 

I signed up for the Youtube Partner program and earned $30.64 in my first month. Then $109. And then the revenue slowly started to increase, and in October 2020 I had my highest earning month so far at $6,512.

How did I do this? Why has my channel been so successful?

That’s what I want to talk to you about in this blog. 

Why this blog?

My goal here is to share with you what is working for me in my online business, and what isn’t working in my online business.

While all the courses I’ve taken over the years have taught me “how” to start an online business, they don’t do a great job of sharing what is working and what isn’t working in the trenches.

That’s where this blog will come in handy. Some of the most helpful posts I’ve read over the years are the monthly income reports from people like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas

In those posts, I was able to really learn what it takes to build an amazing online business.

And now that I’ve reached a certain level of success, I feel it is my duty to follow in their footsteps and let the world know what is and isn’t working for me in my business. 

I’ve been hesitant to do this up to now because first, I’m a lawyer and in general we like to stay somewhat private. And second, I was afraid to be quite honest.

I was afraid of what people would think, I was afraid that my family might read this, I was afraid of failure.

But as I’ve gone back and read through some of the older income reports from other successful bloggers, I realize that posting that information monthly is a great way to not only keep myself accountable, but also to gain further insight into what is happening in my business in terms of what is working and what isn’t working.

So that’s why I’ve started this blog. To provide a level of transparency to help you, the aspiring entrepreneur, to gain a level of confidence and motivation that you too can achieve amazing things in the world of online business. 

Let’s go on this journey together, shall we?

About Me

Jim Hart is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and Youtuber. He is the founding attorney at Hawthorn Law®, and the creator of the LOCK it Down™ Legal Protection System for online course creators and coaches. 

When he isn’t helping other entrepreneurs and posting videos on Youtube, Jim is a husband and father to three amazing kids, two spoiled dogs, and three lazy cats. He enjoys jogging, blogging and reading about entrepreneurship in his free time. 

Although Jim is from Cleveland, Ohio and remains a diehard fan of the Browns, Indians (for now) and Ohio State Buckeyes, he now lives in Cary, North Carolina and refuses to ever move anywhere that gets more than 1 day of snow per year.